Gingerbread Decorating Workshops

What can I expect?

Workshops will be held in Merriwood Christian Camp's Cafeteria.  Decorate your very own Gingerbread Masterpiece, multiple house sizes and specialty gingerbread items are available to choose from.   

The workshops are set up very similar to a cafeteria style restaurant.  When you arrive, you will select your house from the house table.  There will be several houses of each size to choose from.  Choose the one that speaks to your inner child.  

At our extensive candy table, you will find over 100 different types of candies, cereals, cookies, crackers, confections and pretzels to decorate with.  Most people choose not to augment the decorating materials available with their own items.  However, if you have a very specific idea for what you want your house to look like i.e. a color/candy theme, based on a favorite sports team or cartoon\character theme, we recommend that you bring items that will help you achieve the look you are looking for.  

Stop by the icing table to pick up royal icing to put it all together.  

Take your sweet time to enjoy the fabulous fun of decorating your very own  gingerbread house, while spending quality time with friends and family as you create your sweet masterpiece, taking in the magnificent aroma of fresh gingerbread, and the sounds of children's laughter.  When you are done, just leave the mess to us.   

Merry Christmas to all!